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"She's a master at manicuring your lady bits.. go here and you'll be happy!"
- Kristine P., Portland, OR



15 min Complimentary Consultation$0.00
Brow Groom$35.00
Brow Tint$20.00
Brow tint w/ Brow Tweeze$47.00
Brow tint w/ Brow Wax$42.00
Brow Tint/Darken$20.00
Brow Tweeze$32.00
Facial Services: Sircuit 60 minute$180.00
Facial Services: Sircuit 75 minute$200.00
Lash Tint$35.00
Sugaring: 1st Time Brazilian$75.00
Sugaring: Back$90.00
Sugaring: Back Plus (includes top of shoulders and partial arm)$100.00
Sugaring: Bikini$45.00
Sugaring: Brazilian$75.00
Sugaring: Brow$32.00
Sugaring: Brow / Brazilian$105.00
Sugaring: Brow / Lip$47.00
Sugaring: Chest$80.00
Sugaring: Chin$20.00
Sugaring: Extended Bikini$50.00
Sugaring: Full Arm$60.00
Sugaring: Full Leg$150.00
Sugaring: Full Leg plus Bikini$160.00
Sugaring: Full Leg plus Brazilian$180.00
Sugaring: Full Leg plus Extended Bikini$165.00
Sugaring: Full Stomach$40.00
Sugaring: Half Arm$40.00
Sugaring: Half Back$60.00
Sugaring: Half Leg$80.00
Sugaring: Half Leg plus Extended Bikini$115.00
Sugaring: Half Leg with Bikini$100.00
Sugaring: Half Leg with Brazilian$130.00
Sugaring: Lip$12.00
Sugaring: Nipples$35.00
Sugaring: Sides of Face$30.00
Sugaring: Underarm$30.00
Wax: 1st Time Brazilian$60.00
Wax: Back$70.00
Wax: Back Plus (includes top of shoulders and partial arm)$75.00
Wax: Bikini$35.00
Wax: Brazilian$60.00
Wax: Brow$27.00
Wax: Brow / Brazilian$87.00
Wax: Brow / Lip$37.00
Wax: Chest$65.00
Wax: Chin$15.00
Wax: Extended Bikini$40.00
Wax: Full Arm$50.00
Wax: Full Leg$90.00
Wax: Full Leg with Bikini$105.00
Wax: Full Leg with Brazilian$130.00
Wax: Full Leg with Extended$115.00
Wax: Full Stomach$30.00
Wax: Half Arm$30.00
Wax: Half Back$45.00
Wax: Half Leg$60.00
Wax: Half Leg with Bikini$80.00
Wax: Half Leg with Brazilian$100.00
Wax: Half Leg with Extended$85.00
Wax: Lip$10.00
Wax: Nostrils$10.00
Wax: Sides of Face$25.00
Wax: Underarm$25.00

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