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Hair Removal Services


Waxing is, quite simply, the epilation of unwanted hairs. Using both hard wax and strip wax, the warm wax is applied to the areas to be waxed and then quickly removed taking those unwanted and pesky hairs with it. Honeypot is a clean and sanitary studio ensuring the highest quality of care in our hair removal services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Waxing

Yes, absolutely. Sometimes waxing is much better for very coarse hair.

 I use both hard wax and strip wax.

I prefer hard wax for mucus membrane as it tends to not stick to living tissue as much as strip wax sometimes can.

When we shave we are strengthening the hair, when we wax we are removing the hair from the follicle and destroying the root structure.

Waxing removes the hair from it's follicular hold, therefore destroying the root base of the hair. When we remove a hair from it's roots the hair has to begin growing back at the level of the root structure. Think about a plant, the longer the plant gets to live in it's pot the roots get thicker and stronger and provide more strength to the plant. Same situation with hair.

Shaving cuts the hair at an angle. In order for hair to grow back it first must pierce it's way through the skin and then begin to grow up. This puncture can be itchy and create red bumpy skin.

We are covered with ever present bacterium, these bacterium are opportunistic and, once that hair has been shaved, the bacterium can gather in that 'vulnerable' pore and have a little anaerobic party, wreaking havoc on your skin, leading to an infection.

Waxing is not only a way to rid your body of unwanted hair it's also a great way to exfoliate your skin.

With waxing you don't have to worry about razor burn, nicks or bad cuts from the razor.

I highly recommend waxing for the legs as it leaves your legs feeling smooth and hair free for much longer than if you were to shave them.

For some humans, laser hair removal is not a very viable option. Lasers work best when they are seeing a contrast, dark hair against very light skin. Laser hair removal is also very expensive and time consuming. Waxing, on the other hand, is much more affordable and a rather quick service. 


Sugaring, an ancient form of hair removal, has been handed down through the centuries due to its kind treatment of sensitive skin. Sugaring is all natural, effective and results in less breakage and fewer ingrown hairs because it removes hair in its natural direction of growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sugaring

Sugaring is an ancient technique of hair removal. Sugaring uses a thick paste, think of thick honey, that is molded against the direction of hair growth and removed with the direction of hair growth.

Sugar is gentler on the skin as it does not stick to mucus membrane.

Yes, that's true. It's true b/c with sugaring we remove the hairs with the direction of growth versus against the direction of growth. When you remove hairs with the direction of growth there's less chance the hair is going to break and therefore less chance for an ingrown hair.

Typically most clients leave the treatment room saying, 'wow, that was a lot easier than i expected!' However pain is relative so i try not to answer that question. Setting expectations is one thing however I cannot answer a question about pain w/out knowing a client's tolerance for pain.

Yes! Sugaring does exfoliate the skin so skin tends to feel softer and smoother post sugaring than waxing.

Most clients do seem to find that yes, sugaring keeps the hair away a bit longer than waxing does.

Sugaring is a gentler approach to hair removal than waxing so typically yes, sugaring is kinder to sensitive skin types.

Yes, you can. Best to avoid applying any heavy exfoliants for 5 - 7 days just to be safe.

Sugaring uses three simple, very approachable ingredients; sugar, lemon and water. These are pure and natural ingredients.

Sugaring is excellent for sensitive skin as the ingredients are approachable and gentle. Sugaring is very suitable for sensitive skin types.

I highly recommend sugaring for areas of the body that are very sensitive; such as upper lip and the bikini line.

Botnia Facial

Proudly offering the organic, plant-based facial line, Botnia. Locally grown, sourced and hand crafted here in Sausalito, Botnia offers a gorgeous line that can be customized for each and every client to tend to skin’s unique needs. This facial will leave your skin feeling nourished, loved and radiant.

All facials include a thorough skin evaluation and a course of treatment that includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions when needed, plenty of massage and finishing products targeted for your skin’s specific needs.

75 minutes/$185: The same wonderful service as a 60 minute facial w/ added time for massage and a little bit more t.l.c.

60 minutes/$165: My standard facial service.

45 minutes/$80: For the quick visit when skin just needs a little wake-up, this is the perfect offering for a mini yet effective treatment.


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